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broken1design is currently available for project opportunities in Portland, Oregon and remotely. Need an extra set of hands and eyes on a project?

If you are interested in learning more, simply drop Christine a line with any questions or to request additional work samples. You can view her résumé on LinkedIn or visit E+C to check out a few more projects.

Christine Ellsworth

Favorable Mentions

Christine is a wonderful team member on many levels. She’s a skilled and imaginative designer, excellent at presenting and discussing work, able to focus on myriad business objectives, and highly efficient at production. She’s got the combination of pragmatism and lyrical design skills that make her an ideal designer to work with. I can highly recommend her for any group that is looking for a designer who can come up with great ideas and also get them built.

- Molly Sokolow Hayden -
Interactive Designer & Illustrator

Christine is a talented, dependable, hard working and self-motivated designer. I have worked with her on several projects, each with a unique required skill set and style. In addition to her inherent creative talent, Christine brings several other admirable qualities to the table. She is quick to adapt to new situations, has a strong voice that contributes to the project and works incredibly well with other disciplines. I am always pleased to have her on my team.

- Sarah Asher -
Associate Director Program Management

She’s fast like a cheetah and has eyes like an eagle.

- Jason Strand -
Associate Design Director

Christine is a talented designer whose passion shows through in her work. Her multidisciplinary background in design gives her a perspective that’s enabled her to work successfully on a wide variety of projects and pull them all off with her unique approach and vision.

She also has a great laugh.

- Seth Neilson -
Creative Director

Christine is a multi-discipline designer. She’s equally comfortable in the graphic design realm of the print world as she is with the digital side of things. She places all those abilities on top off a great personality which makes her a pleasure to work with.

- Billy Lymm -
Digital Creative & Art Direction

Christine Ellsworth is the kind of designer who can get anything done for you, whether it’s recommending the right approach to a design challenge or providing a much needed asset in the wee hours of the night. She is clear, direct, and has an amazing eye. Behind the scenes or in front of the client her quality of her work is exceptional. We have collaborated on demanding clients such as JP Morgan Chase and the Morgans Hotel Group. I’d work with her again in a heart beat. If you aren’t working with her yet, you should be.

- Rob Mapes -
General Manager

Christine is a rockstar. Like Jem. But without the hologrammed big hair and spandex. She is a hard worker. Always thorough. Pays attention to the details. Christine owns her projects and makes the best of her work every time. Truly outrageous!

- David Buckley -
Group Creative Director

Christine has a strong ability to quickly scope out the complexities of a problem and provide solutions. I also found her attitude positive, professional and dare I say cheerful. She is very skilled within the production / design aspects of web design and the software that builds it.

I would work with Christine again if given the chance.

- Mark Shepherd -
Interactive Designer & Illustrator

Christine is a talented Graphic Designer. In my experience working with her she always delivered high quality assets quickly and efficiently. She is super easy to work with too. I highly recommend Christine to any design team.

- Jibran Bisharat -
Web Developer

Christine is a rare find. She blends a passion for art and design with a level head and genuine care for the people and project she works on.

She’s in that exceptional group of designers that can come up with multiple, diverse solutions to any problem.

She is humble yet strong. Opinionated yet able to take your ideas and suggestions into the fold of her creative mind and manifest brilliant, goal achieving, beautiful work.

If you get a chance to work with her I’m certain she will surpass your expectations tenfold.

- Tyesha Snow -
UX & Product Design Consultant

Christine not only has all the design skills expected, she knows how to get the best work done. If you’re a CD looking for help, or if you’re a business owner on a re-design mission, you strike gold here.

- Kevin Fann -

Christine has been helping our non-profit organization with our digital design needs for over a year. She is an absolute gem! First and foremost, Christine has a positive attitude. She’s great to work with, can produce digital projects on her own and has an amazing eye for UX and design. Christine has been so helpful to us, we are incredibly grateful for her work and we hope to continue this partnership with her for as long as she will work with us. We love her! Thank you Christine, for your giving heart and creative talents.

- Kara Hamada -
Founder of Core Paws

I’ve enjoyed working with Christine on my business logo and various other small projects. She’s both creative and easy to work with. She’s always quick to get back to me when I call or email, meets deadlines and communicates clearly. She listens well to what I’m looking for, and she’s always flexible and open to feedback on what she comes up with. I don’t hesitate to call on her for any design need.

- Dan Sadowsky -
Video Producer & Editor

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christine on several projects over the past few years and she’s usually coming in to help save the day. Her ability to quickly evaluate and assess the needs of a project is one of many talents I’ve come to appreciate of hers. We continue to do meaningful work together and she’ll get my recommendation anytime.

- Sunyi Kim -
Marketing Manager

I have worked with Christine on multiple projects at two separate agencies. She is by far one of the most talented ADs I have worked with over my 20+ years of being in the industry. She not only has the design chops, she is affable, organized and knows how to work with a variety of personalities. She has a great understanding of digital and creates experiences that work well on any platform. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding AD.

- Joshua Breese -
Vice President of Strategy